Monday, December 17, 2012

And the winner is...

This guy!

Cobra Mamba
I got this Cobra Mamba back in 1987 in El Paso, TX for Christmas. Still have it and is still in great condition!
- Gilbert B. of Arlington, VA

I got some great stories, too. Here are a couple of the submissions:

I don't actually have any photos from when I was collecting Joes as a kid, but I do have an amazing memory.

When I was a kid, I had some difficulties - I moved around a lot, between Florida and Massachusetts - and as a result, most of the people I was 'friends' with were in another state. When I lived in Massachusetts, my friends were all in Florida. When I was in Florida, everyone I was friends with was in Massachusetts. When the Tiger Force line debuted, Joe helped me bridge that gap. I was able to bring my toys to school, and it helped me open up to my classmates, and make new friends.

I was 8 or 9, I think, that Christmas. My Mom always went out of her way to make sure I had an incredible Christmas - there were years I got 10 - 15 video games for my NES, and I only got them because she constantly saved money throughout the year for me to be able to have an amazing holiday. So, the year the Tiger Force wave came out, I was already knee deep in Joe, and I'd mentioned to her at Toys R Us one day that I really liked the Tiger Force helicopter, hoping that might give the hint that I'd get it for Christmas.

She bought the whole wave. Every vehicle. Every figure (along with a Night Striker and Rolling Thunder from my grandfather). That was, without question, the greatest Christmas ever. And all because my Mom never wanted me to have a bad holiday.

Thanks, Mom. You are, without question, the best ever.

- Jay

It was Christmas of 1986, and I was 10 years old. My best friend (and fellow G.I. Joe fan, of course) had gotten a Cobra Terrordrome for his birthday that year, which happened to be in the same month as mine. I was wildly jealous, but loved the opportunity to play with it at his house whenever I could. I had a pretty imaginative basement set-up for my Joes at home, but having no shot at getting as high end an item as the Terrordrome, I had been using Castle Greyskull to house my Cobras. Masters of the Universe was the first toy line I collected in the early 80s before I discovered G.I. Joe.

My parents did the best they could on a cop and bank teller’s salaries, and they surprised me with a Hydrofoil (Moray) that Christmas. From that day on, I used it as a mobile water-based homebase for my Cobra leaders. The memory stands out to me to this day because it was the first time I remember knowing for a fact that there was no chance Santa was real, so anything I got for Christmas was due to the hard work, research, and genuinely thoughtful effort of my parents. I hope I can give my children that exact experience when that day comes for them.

- Howie

And since others are sharing, here's one of my own G.I. JOE present photos with my Laser Defense Patrol Power Cycle by Coleco.
G.I. JOE Laser Defense Patrol

Thanks to everyone who participated!