Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Not Hasbr-Owed Exclusive Toys

So Hasbro's Comic-Con exclusives were sold at HasbroToyShop this morning, and many people were unable to complete the checkout process. This is nothing new. The same thing happened when we were all trying to buy the variant Cobra Commander from 2008. That didn't stop the internet from overflowing with Nerd Rage, though. All the, "I'm done with G.I. JOE!" anger really isn't much of a surprise, but some people seriously need a bit of perspective.

1) These are limited edition items. No one was guaranteed anything, and the word from the show was that quantities would be - wait for it - limited.

2) Just a few short years ago, manufacturers didn't make exclusives available online to people who had not attended the shows. The exclusives were, you know, exclusive. This is an opportunity for a few people to get the items at the original price, not a promise of a Zarana for everyone at $15.

3) All those of us who didn't go to SDCC did this morning was sit on our asses in front of computer screens. People paid to travel to San Diego, paid to get into SDCC, stood in lines for hours, and still missed them. If people who invested a ton of time and money to attend the event for which the exclusives were created in the first place missed out, then exactly why should anyone be feeling sorry for themselves over missing what was already a slim chance online this morning? And more importantly, why should anyone else have any sympathy for you?

Hobbies are supposed to be fun. If yours makes you angry or unhappy, you really, honestly should find something else to occupy your time. And no, I wasn't successful in trying to get what I wanted this morning, either. And yes, I had what I wanted in my cart for over forty-five minutes while I tried to get through the checkout. Big. Fucking. Deal. It's just a toy, and if I want it badly enough (which I do), I'll pay market value to acquire one. If I didn't want it enough to pay that much, I'd be fine living without it. Would it have been nice to get a limited variant for way less than market value? Obviously. Not getting it for the low price is no reason to get angry, though. Not getting a toy is no big deal. What is disappointing is seeing adults who share my interests behaving like spoiled, self-entitled brats.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to add some Cold Slither Zarana auctions to my watch list on eBay.