Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Blood: Night Adder (Cobra Security)

I received my order for some of the wave 4 figures from The Rise Of Cobra this week. Included was Night Adder, the first unique Cobra character introduced to the property since the 25th Anniversary construction style debuted in 2007.

Night Adder I

Night Adder II

Night Adder III
With Shadow Tracker coming in 2010's Pursuit Of Cobra line, Hasbro's follow-up to The Rise Of Cobra, we'll be getting another brand new character in just a matter of months. This development is right up my alley, as there just haven't been enough distinct personalities in Cobra beyond the army builder figures. Sure, I still wish Hasbro would produce previously established characters like Zandar, Zarana, Zanya, Thrasher, Road Pig (and the tooling used for Night Adder makes for the perfect Road Pig body), and Big Boa, but I'm all for new blood, as well. In fact, I was planning on injecting some into my own collection from the moment I saw the Heavy Duty figure from The Rise Of Cobra in images from Toy Fair. I'll save that for tomorrow, though.