Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here Comes The BOOM: Monkeywrench

25th Anniversary Style Monkeywrench
Cock the glock to your head, let off about two in it. Yeah, it's a dirty job, but I just love doin' it...

Joining the ranks of my 25th Anniversary collection now is Monkeywrench, who was first introduced to the G.I. JOE line in 1986. Almost immediately after I bought a couple of figures for parts to work on this character, he showed up in Wal-Mart's inventory system as part of a forthcoming two-pack in the Rise Of Cobra movie line. I was annoyed at first, but also happy that a proper version was on the way. A few days later, images of a figure with a repainted Outback head were revealed, and I was suddenly happy I'd started gathering the pieces. I'm all for sensible reuse of tooling to create new characters from existing molds, but the key word there is sensible. Outback's head on Monkeywrench doesn't qualify.

25th Anniversary Style Monkeywrench
I did more kinds of war crimes, more times than in war times, went way before times...

With many thanks to customizer Mandingo Rex for the inspirational recipe:
  • Torso, waist, legs, and upper arms: comic pack Torch
  • Lower arms: comic pack Ripper
  • Head: STAR WARS Legacy Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Bandolier: 2009 five-pack Snake-Eyes
  • Vest & sunglasses: Mutt Williams (deluxe version w/ motorcycle)
  • Weapon: ARAH Monkeywrench weapon
The hole in the bottom of Obi-Wan's head is bigger than the ball on Torch's neck, so I used Handi-Tak Reusable Adhesive to compensate. It will hold the head in place, but it's not permanent, so I can turn his head back and forth without removing it.

25th Anniversary Style Monkeywrench
You know what's sad, man? That I'm such a madman, bad man, with that BOOM you never had, man...

Here Comes The BOOM: Monkeywrench