Sunday, March 29, 2009

Move Over, G.I. Jane

Although I was puzzled by Hasbro's decision to invest in tooling for a new Lady Jaye figure this year, despite the fact she was already one of only three female characters in the 25th Anniversary line, it provided an opportunity to do something with the new body. This wasn't something I'd have bothered to do with the wave 2 Lady Jaye, since I already used that figure's upper torso for my custom 25th Zarana. It wouldn't have made a lot of sense to have multiple females running around Cobra Island with that same look, but this new body invited an easy repaint.

G.I. JOE 25th Anniversary female Viper Officer
Behind a gun, I'll make my final stand...

The 2009 G.I. JOE five-pack Lady Jaye's green uniform was painted blue, and her boots, gloves, belt, and knees were painted black. She wasn't originally intended to have kneepads, but black paint and the double-jointed knees make for a simple conversion. The removable belt, knife sheath on her chest, and satchel from the five-pack Shipwreck were painted burgandy. Top it off with a head swap from the single carded Viper, and she's ready to lead her guys into a firefight.

Custom 25th Female Viper Officer
Bad Company, till the day I die...

The Female Viper Officer is armed with a Heckler & Koch XM8, available from Marauder "Gun-Runners" as the High-Tech Assault Rifle w/ Removable Ammo clip.

Move Over, G.I. Jane