Tuesday, September 16, 2008

G.I. JOE Trivia Winner

Of all the entries I received (just under thirty), only two included the correct answer. After asking for, "one of the more popular G.I. JOE characters from the early 1980s," a couple of the attempts were puzzling. I mean, Alaska? Really? Anyway, the answers are as follows:

The city and state where the pictured building is located: Fresno, CA
The character's code name: Storm Shadow
The character's file name (real name): Tommy Arashikage ( or Thomas S. Arashikage)

In issue #26 of Marvel Comics' original G.I. JOE series, Stalker is providing Hawk and Scarlett with details about Snake-Eyes' past. Recounting an incident from their time together in Vietnam, he mentions "Tommy", a "Japanese-American kid out of Fresno. Unpronounceable last name." He then goes on to say that Tommy's last name (Arashikage) translates into Storm Shadow. This was the first city of origin ever given for the character, although file cards from later figure releases would name both San Francisco and St. Louis. The only file card to ever give Fresno as his hometown came with the Tommy Arashikage figure from the comic book three-pack with Stalker and Snake-Eyes, portraying the characters from their tour in 'Nam. The photo in the contest post shows Fresno's City Hall.

Both names were written on scraps of paper, crumpled up, and dropped into a plastic cup (a bowl wasn't even necessary). After pulling a piece of paper from the cup, the winner is: Irid70/Lastbestangryman of New Castle, DE. He will receive two carded Snow Serpent figures from Wave 5 2008 of Hasbro's current G.I. JOE line. I don't have any more Snow Serpents, but because there were only two correct responses, I'd like to do something for the other contestant. So for Eric of Austin, TX, I have a carded Snake-Eyes figure from Wave 3 2008 to send you. Just send over your mailing addresses, and I'll ship the figures to you guys this weekend.

Congratulations, and thanks for entering!