Sunday, July 13, 2008

another site update

So after sorting through my haul from HeroesCon '08, mounting a third bookcase in the living room (using drywall anchors and 2.5" corner braces like this one), installing corner shelves against the side of that, and mounting a hidden-bracket shelf above the couch, I've updated the site with new pics from the living room. These photos basically provide a virtual tour of the room. The books in the first photo and busts in the second one are on shelves in a closet, which is directly in front of you when entering the house. I cleaned out all the stuff that was being stored in there, removed the door, stashed it away, and attached LED lights to both sides of the interior.

There's more of an update than I realized I would have. The page has gone from 27 to 89 photos, most of which are now larger in size.