Thursday, October 25, 2007

Collection Room Update

While my collection room is not finished, the walls are finally done. The south and east walls are covered in carded STAR WARS figures stored in protective Star Cases.

The north wall is lined with shelves, approximately 5' of shelving between the window and the east wall and 2' between the window and the west wall, as well as a shelf that runs the entire length above the window.

Before installing shelves on the north wall, I taped off a section of the floor so I could measure exactly what I could fit on each shelf. This allowed me to customize the vertical distances between the shelves and maximize the amount of available wall space.

I managed to fill the walls completely, so I had to hang figures from the doors, as well. I used these adjustable hinge pin door stops to prevent the door to the room from opening so far that the cased deluxe figures would make contact with the cased figures on the wall, and then again on the closet door to prevent it from opening far enough that the cased figures would hit the shelves on the wall next to it.

The closet door still has some blank real estate, but as more carded 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figures are released, that won't last long. There are three shelves on the west wall, and those are surrounded by carded figures in Star Cases.

And when you open the closet... more toys. Carded figures, loose figures, random collectibles, and the boxes I saved from all my statues, maquettes, and busts. This is also where I keep my holiday decorations, but it's packed pretty tightly now.

The next step is modifying the bookcase in front of the window, so that it can be moved all the way back against the wall, while still allowing air to flow from the vent in the floor. After that, my next project will be the centerpiece of the room. For now, though, I'm very close to having it completed. You can see more photos of my collection here.