Sunday, May 07, 2006

Free Comic Book Day, 2006

So yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and I made the trip over to Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. I planned on buying a few things to go along with my free selections, but the line inside the store was crazy long. I'll make up for it when I go back on Wednesday. Anyway, Dexter Vines was there doing free sketches, but I was more interested in getting him to sign my Superman/Batman hardcover. After standing in line for over two hours, I really wanted to get out of there, so I passed on the sketch. He was doing great work, but this was 4:30, the artists were scheduled to leave at 5:00, and there were two little kids in line behind me. I was content with the signature, and now I'm hoping to get Ed McGuinness to sign it at the Heroes Convention next month.