Friday, November 04, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like...

So it's still the first week of November, and I already have about two-thirds of my holiday shopping out of the way. Yes, I might as well admit the truth, that I am one of the millions of Americans who embrace with open arms the concept of overindulgent consumerism at the end of every year. I'm not into religion, but I love the Western tradition that is Christmas. I enjoy giving gifts, especially things people might not usually think to buy for themselves. I even like to play Christmas music throughout the month of December.

I've never had this much of a head start on my shopping before, and the only thing that's better than my progress is that fact that I only had to leave my house for two of the gifts. I've managed to acquire everything else I want from eBay sellers. Not only does it save me the hassle of having to fight crowds, but it also saves me money, as I've gotten some excellent deals. In fact, I'm keeping tabs on an auction right now, hoping to get even closer to the end of my spending frenzy. Saving money means I can give even more gifts, plus I'm putting my money into the pockets of online auction sellers, rather than huge corporate chains. That's a nice feeling!

And next month, I'll stop by a toy store to pick up some items to donate to Toys For Tots, so some less fortunate children have the opportunity to wake up to some presents. It never hurts to do something special for more than just the people on your shopping list.